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Customer Questions & Concerns

Can you install a new roof in the rain?

Manufacturers recommend that shingles be installed on a dry surface. However, the moisture that may be present on the felt surface will evaporate in time as the felt serves as a moisture barrier between the shingles and the roof deck.

How do I know when I need a new roof?

When evaluating composition roofing look for granual loss that may accumulate in the gutters. As the roof ages you may notice that the edges of the shingles start to curl or split. This is caused by the asphalt leaching out of the shingle over many years.

How much underlayment do I need?

Fifteen pound felt is the minimum requirement for shingle underlayment. Thirty pound is twice as thick and is used to smooth irregular surfaces like most recover jobs. Because the plywood underlayment is older we tend to use 30# felt on our tear off jobs.

What is the biggest cause of roof deterioration in the Northwest?

The single biggest cause of roof deterioration is moss. Moss attaches itself to organic matter like debris and even the asphalt itself. As it grows, the minute root system weaves its way down into the shingle which causes the shingle to separate.

Why don’t the rows meet all the way around the house?

All types of roofing materials are started at the eave line and worked to the ridge. Certain materials are adjusted at the ridge lines to give the appearance that all courses are the same. This adjustment prevents the courses from lining up.

Aren’t you supposed to pull off the plastic strips on the back of the shingles so they will seal?

No! Manufacturers install the tape so the shingles will not seal themselves to the layer beneath them. In fact the bundles have warning labels that state, “Do not remove release tape from back of shingle.”

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