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Keep Your Flat Roof In Good Repair In Portland

When you have a roof that is sloped, it is easy for the rain water to simply run off it. However with a flat roof, leaks must be prevented before they have a chance to start. When a flat roof has shingles that are cracked, water can find a way through and begin to cause damage. Regular roof inspection by a flat roof Portland roofing company is of the utmost importance because of the rain amounts we get. Whether the roof is on a commercial property or on a residential home, NW Roof Tech has the manpower, knowhow, and proper tools to do the job right.

One of the most important things a flat roof Portland owner can do is to clear the debris off of the roof. It is also important to keep trees trimmed and out of the way so that fewer leaves can accumulate on the roof, which can cause water to pool. When water pools, it can weaken the integrity of the roof. We have the materials and skills to apply the proper coating to your flat roof in order to keep it in tip top shape..

If you have a flat roof, NW Roof Tech wants to help you keep it well-maintained and in good condition so that fewer repairs will be necessary. Contact us today for your free estimate.