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What to Do if a Tree Falls on Your House

A tree falling on your home can cause immense damage and leave you unsure about what to do or whom to call. Planning for such a disaster in advance, like making sure the phone number for roofing professionals is handy, can help you avoid the panic that comes with a disaster so you can get your home and family back to normal quickly. Preparing for the unthinkable can help save you money on roofing repair in Portland.

One of the first things a homeowner may think when imagining a tree falling on their roof is, “Oh, the insurance company will take care of that.” The truth is that many home insurance policies may not cover such an event, especially if a home does not have an additional hazard policy. Roofing professionals have seen many instances of insurance companies denying claims because the type of damage caused by the tree was not specifically covered in the insurance policy. Insurance companies may also state the damage was a result of negligence on the homeowner’s behalf. By talking to your insurance agent, you can know for sure if your homeowner’s policy covers damage to your home if a tree falls onto it.

A good way to avoid having a tree fall onto your home is to make sure that all the nearby trees are cared for and pruned. Doing so can make them healthy enough to withstand a storm. Planting trees far from the home can also lessen the chances of them crashing into your home in the event that they do fall.

If the unthinkable does happen, making sure your family is safe by moving them out of the home to a safe location (like a neighbor’s house) should be your first priority. Then, contact your insurance company and a local roofing professional. Many Portland roofing companies are willing to work directly with your insurance company, making the ordeal easier for you.

[ photo by: Shannon Kringen ]