Commercial Roof Leak Repair and Protection

Are you in need of commercial roof leak repair? Leaks in the roof of your commercial building can result in a tremendous amount of damage to your structure and create a bad image for your employees and customers. At Northwest Roof Tech, Inc., we can detect your leaks and recommend the best fix for the problem that fits your budget.

What causes a commercial leaky roof?

Commercial Roof Leak Repair in Portland Or and Gresham Oregon from Northwest Roof Tech, Inc.Leaks are more common on flat roof surfaces. You will begin to notice pooling water and moisture will find a way to infiltrate the building through broken seals around vents, missing flashing, unused rooftop equipment, and back-ups in gutter drainage. Driving rain from storms, debris damage, and cracks from age can all contribute to water leaks. Our commercial roofers will carefully inspect your roof and find the source of leaks to recommend repairs or replacement.

Professional Help with Commercial Roof Leak Detection

It is difficult to locate the source of leaks in roofing when inexperienced in commercial roof leak repair and detection methods. An awareness of a leak is obvious if water is infiltrating the building in a noticeable spot, but is not always the case. Your first indication might involve the strong smell of mold and mildew. An annual inspection of your commercial roof is your best protection against serious leaks. Our roofing team can locate potential areas for leaks and have them repaired before the issue arises.

Is replacement required for commercial building roof leaks?

It is possible to fix some roof leaks on commercial and industrial buildings successfully, but there are a few details that come into play in making the final decision. These are

  • Extent of the damage and if it is actually repairable
  • Age of the roof
  • Budget and desire for replacement over repair
  • Extent of damage to the building, equipment, or merchandise
  • Adverse effects to operations during repair or replacement

Hiring the Right Contractor for Commercial Roof Leak Repair

You need a commercial roofing contractor that has extensive experience and a roster of satisfied customers. Our roofers at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc. will provide an honest assessment of the problems and suggest the most cost-effective options for repairs or replacement. We will provide the necessary repairs or replacement in a way that is the least restrictive to your ongoing business operations.

Contact us at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc. and schedule a day and time for our roofers to come out to your Portland OR and Vancouver WA area business and discuss your roof leak problems today!

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