Quality New Commercial Roofing

At Northwest Roof Tech, Inc., we offer an experienced team of commercial roofers that can thoroughly assess the health and expected longevity of your current roof. We work with businesses to find the most cost-effective solutions for commercial roof replacement and extensive repair.

How often is industrial and commercial roof replacement necessary?

Commercial Roof Replacement in Portland Or and Gresham Oregon from Northwest Roof Tech, Inc.The length of time between replacement of an industrial or commercial roof is every 15 years, on average. A few specific factors will determine whether the time is shorter or longer. A commercial roof that is properly installed and well-maintained will offer maximum life expectancy. Shoddy installation and poor-quality materials can demand replacement sooner than expected. It can fail as soon as five years from installation. Our commercial and industrial roofing installation is done with great care and attention to detail. It will last for years with simple routine maintenance.

Will I need commercial roofing replacement or repair?

A careful inspection is needed to determine whether a repair will carry you for a few more years. Our professional commercial roofers will give you an honest assessment as to whether the cost of repair is worth the expense. We will tell you if the repairs will not last and commercial roof replacement is the best option.

Is roofing removal of the older material essential?

The ability to re-roof saves time and expense. It is not always possible to add another layer of roofing materials without removing the older material. We will do a careful inspection of the existing roofing and determine the best course of action. Older roofing can retain water and place a tremendous load on your roof structure. You must remove older roofing materials in this case for the safety of your building.

Inspection and Pre-Planning Roof Replacements for Commercial Buildings

Our commercial roofing contractor will work with you on inspecting your existing roof and develop a plan for future replacement. You can get an estimate on cost and begin to plan the financing for the new roof. It is wise to have this done if your roof is approaching the 10 to 15-year mark.

Contact us at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc. and schedule an inspection of your Portland OR or Vancouver WA area commercial roof today!

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