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Woodcrest Shingles


Thick, ruggedly beautiful Woodcrest® Shingles use their rustic and textured appearance to create the look of wood shake without the maintenance. Their natural look comes with a durability that’s just as appealing. Woodcrest® Shingles offer peace of mind by meeting the highest fire-resistance standards in the industry, Class A. These shingles are available in colorful distinctive blends that are inspired by nature so say goodbye to your limited, faded, and monotone color options of real wood.


Property (Unit) Value
Weight (G/M2) Limited Lifetime
Wind Resistance 110/130 MPH
Algae Resistance 10 Years
Nominal Size 14 1/4″ x 40″
Exposure 4″
Shingles Per Square 90
Bundles Per Square 6
Coverage Per Square 100 sq. ft.


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