Eliminate Roof Leaks and Water Damage to Your Home

The quality and integrity of your roof play a significant role in reducing your risk of water damage from the natural elements. The cause of leaks in the roof are numerous but finding a quick solution is essential in keeping water out of your home. Here at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc., we offer the expertise in roof leak repair needed to find and fix problems before they cost a fortune in reconstruction.

How Roof Leak Repair Benefits Your Entire Home

Residential Roof Leak Repair in Portland OR from Northwest Roof Tech, Inc.Costly water damage can begin to destroy your home in a short amount of time from leaks in the roofing materials. Water will find any way possible to infiltrate the interior of the house through walls, ceilings, and foundation cracks. Roof leak repair can save you from the surprise of foundation failure, structural damage, and mold growth behind the drywall of your home.

How to Tell if You Have a Leaking Roof

Plenty of opportunities exist in the Vancouver WA and Portland OR area to find out if you have a leaking roof. Grab a flashlight the next time there is pouring rain. Thoroughly investigate the attic, crawlspace, or basement areas. Take note of any dripping water or areas of the floor, wood, or insulation that are wet. Inspect the roof for missing or damaged roofing material. Call in our professionals at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc. if you suspect there is a water intrusion problem.

Expert Roof Leak Detection

We will spend time checking out all areas of the roof, flashing, eaves and interior portions of the home that water is entering. Many times the repairs can happen without great expense, but it depends on the amount of damage and age of the roof. Damaged flashing and vent seals are often the culprit in smaller roof leaks. Our leak detection experts will find the source of the problem and have it repaired quickly.

Give us a call at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc., and we will send out our roofing leakage expert to determine the repair you need to prevent further water damage. Our crews are available anywhere in the Vancouver Wa and Portland OR areas. Call us for a quote today!

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