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At Northwest Roof Tech, Inc., our extensive experience with residential roof replacement allows us to locate serious roof problems which would otherwise go unnoticed. We offer sharp assessments of your current roof with real solutions, using high-quality roofing products that will last for years. Our contractors are committed to providing you with honest assessments, taking into account the age of the roof, repair costs, and potential roof improvements. We provide our customers with durable, long-lasting roofs!

How Long Does a Roof Last?

Residential Roof Replacement in Portland OR and Vancouver WA from Northwest Roof Tech, Inc.

Roof Replacement

All roofs have an expected lifetime limit, and that maximum lifespan changes depending on weather, materials, and quality construction! Storms and other damaging events can force the replacement earlier than expected, and if your previous roofing company wasn’t thorough during original construction, you may need more than just a repair. Here are some basic signs that your roof needs to be replaced:

  • Heavy and frequent roof leaks, especially in multiple areas
  • Worn-down shingles or materials
  • Lifetime expectancy of the materials
  • Extensive wind, storm, or debris damage 
  • You are making major renovations before selling the home

If your roof is made of high quality materials, and hasn’t sustained any of these damages, you can expect your roof to last for up to 25 years. In order to get the most out of your roof, be sure to have it regularly cleaned and maintained!

Residential Roof Replacement or Repair?

There are four considerations when determining whether a roof should be replaced or repaired:

  • Cost of existing repairs
  • Underlying damage
  • Desired materials
  • Age of current roof

Roofs in the Pacific Northwest have to deal with a lot: between the wind and the rain, your shingles and general roof are going to be tested! Our famous rain results in a high moisture content in the air, which is a real concern when it comes to roofs. If roofs aren’t properly sealed, or if the outer layer is worn down, moisture can seep in behind the roofing materials. This encourages rot to spread throughout the underlying structure–your home! If this kind of damage isn’t taken care of right away, it can cause much more destruction in the coming years. A complete roof replacement will need to be done, and the rotted areas also need repairing before adding a new roof.

The best way to avoid an early roof replacement is to have your roof assessed. A contractor experienced with roofing replacement can tell you the current amount of damage, the approximate years you have left with your roof, and the best ways to repair it.

Roof Replacement Cost

New roofs can obviously vary in cost, depending on roofing materials, the extent of any damages, and any desired improvements.  With Northwest Roof Tech, we don’t replace roofs with “cookie-cutter” solutions: we take the time to assess your current roof and underlying structure, determining the best way to repair or potentially replace your roof. We provide singular solutions–because each house is individual! If you’d like to know more about what your new roof cost might be, give us a call and schedule a free estimate!

Roof Replacement Made Easy

Northwest Roof Tech is committed to honest appraisals, timely roof replacement or repair, and ongoing maintenance. If you’re concerned about the lifespan of your roof, or any potential damages, contact us today. We would be happy to give you an estimate for quality residential roof replacement right away!

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