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Here at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc., our experienced roofers stand ready to handle any roofing emergency brought on by severe storm damage. No roofing job is too big, and we are skilled in all types of roofing materials. We will get the roof storm damage repairs done fast to reduce the chance of further devastation to your home.

When do I need roof storm damage repair?

Residential Roof Storm Damage Repair in Portland OR and Vancouver WA from Northwest Roof Tech, Inc.Roof damage from storms is often apparent at the time. You will visibly see evidence of damage, downed tree limbs, and missing shingles. Loose sheets flapping in the breeze with metal roofing are common with tornadic storms. You may not notice roof damage right away. It is not uncommon to discover serious roof leaks weeks or months later.

Roof Problems from Wind Damage

Wind damage from a storm happens in one of two ways. The first way is to loosen the materials used to cover the roof. You may find complete areas missing the roofing product. The second way is to send debris flying onto the roof surface and damaging the materials.

Roof Problems from Tree Limbs and Hail Damage

Dramatic storms can rip tree limbs free and send them crashing into the roof. Trees that remain untrimmed and can easily reach the roof during high winds can severely damage the roof and eaves. Hail damage Can leave ugly dents and dings in a metal roof. Hail can damage flashing, vents, loosen and break shingles. Vancouver WA, Portland OR and the entire Pacific Northwest sees a fair amount of rough seasonal storms. Our expert roof storm damage repair team at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc. will provide long-lasting repairs.

How can I protect the roof from storm and weather damage?

The best way to avoid storm and weather damage to the roof is to keep it well-maintained. Repair any weak areas, replace missing or damaged shingles, trim trees back from the roof line, and replace the roof when it ages beyond repair.

Contact us at Northwest Roof Tech, Inc. and find out more about our roof storm damage repair services today. We handle Vancouver WA, Portland OR and all surrounding areas.

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Roof Storm Damage Repair In Portland OR and Gresham OR


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